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Eisarn-Ara National Heraldry and National Overview by LividHayseed Eisarn-Ara National Heraldry and National Overview by LividHayseed

Þata Gut-Þiudan Reiki af Eisarn-Ara | An Overview & List of National Values & Ethics.

National Information & Errata Overview:

Native-Dialect Name: Þata Gut-Thiudan Reiki af Eisarn-Ara

Translated Name: The Gothic Empire of the Iron-Eagle.

New National Motto & Salutatory statement following a change of Political theory: "Skalkinassus til þata Reiki, Sigis til þata Thiuda." (Service to the Empire, Glory to the Tribe.)

Original National Motto (Couldn't fit the damn slot in settings): "Swe thata ara hwilban, thata aqiz at-gaggans; swe thata aihws, thata hairus sigqan!"

Translated National Motto: As the eagle soars, the axe descends; as the horse drives, the sword strikes!

Official Language: "Gutan" or Gothic; for further details consult Jordanes or Ulfilas.

Official Written Scripts: Elder Futhark/Common-Germanic Runic Script, and Ulfilas's "gothic alphabet" is used by the military-industrial complex, military production systems and rank/design information & designations.

Current Emperor/High-King & Dynasty: Háuhs Thiudans - Haifstawulfs af Amal

Reikistur-Ragineis (Minister of State): Raginhardt Eofricassunus

Walhs-Ragneis (Minister of Foreign Affairs): Gaeseric Fulkaharjissunus

Háuhs-Kundis (High Judge, functioning in the same notion of the Original Pannonian Goth's "Judge" Position): Liudibalþs Tulgassunus

Culture: Ethnocentric Greuthingi/Gutthiudan/Gothic/Ostrogothic culture, virtually unchanged from that of it's roots in the mid/early early-roman/Germanic migration era.

State Religion: "Þata Wiga af Himinsfadar." (The Way of Skyfather), an Odinic cult, honoring Gautaz, his sons and the Ansis as the " Fráujinôn af þata Himins." (Lords of the Sky) and often-times being called the "Skyfather Cult" by foreigners due to the propensity for regular animal sacrifices alongside (in direct contrast) extremely rare human sacrifices that are known to occur twice or so every ninth decade.

Governing Body: "Maiza Waíhts" (Great Thing), attended by Provincial Kundis (Judges), of whom each provincial council of Frauja (Noble Lords) are beholden to; whom of which answer to a Háuhs-Kundis, whom of which is a direct adviser to the Háuhs Thiudans (Reiks/Emperor & High King).

Established: 327 CA

Currency: Araiz Denariz (Gold based and Germanicized take upon the roman currency/coinage of yesteryear, roughly the size of a joachimsthaler)

Political Organizations & Agreements: The Andronican-Greuthungi Co-Prosperity Pact (Ostrogothic-Altmoran Co-Security Sphere)

"Friendly" & Allied Nations: The Faisistí Uathlathas of
Holy Altmoran Empire
 The Kingdom of Aqizithiuda(Triggithiuda)The Orussian Tsarate

National Values:

Ethno-Centric Imperio-Nationalism: The foundation of the Empire is built upon, all our successes as a people, our faith in the gods, all of it goes back to the unification of the tribes in Classical Antiquity & the sense of purpose it provided.

Guided by the Light of Empire: Imperialism is healthy, subjugation of native-infested lands is a cornerstone of Greuthungi Civilization; bringing the "Light of Empire" to dark corners of the world, if not other worlds is a divinely granted duty even an obligation if the notion is to be stretched further. Those damndable primitives that meet the marker of acceptable merit will have literacy rates, better economics, electrical lighting, education and medical services whether they want it or not (from the workhouses of course.........).

Industriousness: To be productive and self sufficient is to be holding onto the notions of self-worth via strength of limb & strength of will; the industrial organizations of the GÞR (Abbrev. of nation name) reflect this.

Martial Might: The standing army & it's constituent Legions is an all volunteer force, echoing the upheld notions of militaristic theo-philosophy the empire has carried since time immemorial.

Discipline: Discipline as a concept is near & dear to the civilian and military population; having witnessed the marginalization and eventual vanishing of kindred peoples and tribes, it was deemed necessary to fight tooth and nail for the instilling of a national principle in relation to discipline as a means to both betterment of the self, over-all improvements of efficiency and a way to forcefully kick away the alternatives that the darker side of history seems to have provided for how a people may vanish.

Those who grip the Yoke: Having witnessed the enslaving of the Gauls and various western germanic tribes, a notion of what it means to be "One's own master, yet master of others" truly came to be; thus it is ill advised to be a prisoner of war under the Greuthungi Yoke, for to do so is to be subjected to Classical Antiquities concept of "Color-Blind Slavery" if it seen through a late Victorian Lense with the accompanying technologies to enforce it.

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